About Middle School

Youth Lacrosse is growing and expanding rapidly in the St. Louis community. For the 6th consecutive year, we are running a youth winter league for experienced lacrosse players. This league is individual registration but kids will be grouped by program. We run two age divisions for this league: 5th/6th & 7th/8th. We recognize that our community has a few consistent programs and clubs that cater to most of the area. We encourage those programs to bring their players and to coach these teams. These programs each have strong followings and provide instruction to the developing serious player. Teams often practice together during the winter and we put this league together to encourage team play during the months leading up to the season. We want the programs to bring their teams to play as "nobody succeeds alone." This league is for kids that have played the game before. Be sure to enter the team name during registration so we can put players on the right team. We will work with coaches to make sure the groupings and team assignments are appropriate.